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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Novel Collection June 2008

Novel Collection June 2008 80 Novels | PDF/Word?HTML/Lit | 31 MB Archive Contents: Baldacci David - The Whole Truth. Bram Stoker - The Man. Charlaine Harris - [Southern Vamp 01] - Dead Until Dark. Charlaine Harris - [Southern Vamp 02] - Living Dead in Dallas. Charlaine Harris - [Southern Vamp 03] - Club Dead. Charlaine Harris - A Secret Rage. Chuck Palahniuk - Stranger Than Fiction {True Stories** David Gemmell - [The Damned 01] - White Wolf. Dean R Koontz - Odd Hours. Diana Gabaldon - [Outlander 01] - Outlander. Diana Gabaldon - [Outlander 06] - Breath of Snow and Ashes. Edward Aarons - Come Back, My Love. Emma Holly - Demon's Fire. Greg Iles - Blood Memory. Greg Iles - Sleep No More. Greg Iles - Turning Angel. Gruen Sara - Water for Elephants. Harlan Coben - Hold Tight. J. A. Jance - Edge of Evil. Jack Higgins - [Paul Chavasse 01] - The Bormann Testament. Jack Higgins - [Paul Chavasse 02] - Year of the Tiger. Jack Higgins - [Paul Chavasse 03] - The Keys of Hell. Jack Higgins - Brought in Dead. Jack Higgins - In the Hour Before Midnight. James Patterson - Sundays at Tiffany's. James Rollins - Amazonia (2002). Janet Evanovich - Naughty Neighbor. Joan Wolf - The Deception. Katherine V. Forrest - Daughters of Coral Dawn. Keri Arthur - [Nikki & Michael 01] - Dancing with the Devil. Keri Arthur - [Nikki & Michael 02] - Hearts in Darkness. Keri Arthur - [Nikki & Michael 03] - Chasing the Shadows. Keri Arthur - [Nikki & Michael 04] - Kiss the Night Good-Bye. Keri Arthur - [Riley Jensen Guardian 06] - The Darkest Kiss. Kinky Friedman - Mile High Club. Laura Anne Gilman - Overrush. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 01] - Final Jeopardy. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 02] - Likely to Die. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 03] - Cold Hit. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 04] - The Deadhouse. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 05] - The Bone Vault. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 06] - The Kills. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 07] - Entombed. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 08] - Death Dance. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 09] - Bad Blood. Martin Cruz Smith - [Arkady Renko 01] - Gorky Park. Martin Cruz Smith - [Arkady Renko 02] - Polar Star. Martin Cruz Smith - [Arkady Renko 03] - Red Square. Martin Cruz Smith - Stalin's Ghost. Martin Cruz Smith - December 6. Mary Higgins Clark - All Around The Town. Max Allan Collins - Lusitania Murders. Max Allan Collins - The Scorpion King. Stephenie Meyer - Twilight Books 1-3 Michael Connelly - The Lincoln Lawyer. Michael Crichton - Eaters Of The Dead. Michael Crichton - Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton - The Great Train Robbery. Michael Crichton - The Lost World. Michael Crichton - Timeline. Neil Gaiman - Fragile Things. Robert Harris - The Ghost (A Novel). Robert Ludlum & Gayle Lynds - [Covert One Book 01] - The Hades Factor. Robert Ludlum & Philip Shelby - [Covert One Book 02] - The Cassandra Compact. Robert W. Chambers - The Reckoning. Robin Cook - Terminal. Ross King - Ex Libris. S. M. Stirling - The Peshawar Lancers. Stephanie Bedwell-Grime - Fair Game Inc. Stephenie Meyer - The Host. Stuart Woods - [Rick Barron 01] - The Prince of Beverly Hills. Stuart Woods - [Rick Barron 02] - Beverly Hills Dead. Stuart Woods - Dead Eyes. Stuart Woods - Fresh Disasters. Van Praagh James - Reaching to Heaven. William Hjortsberg - Falling Angel. Tolle Eckhart - A New Earth.

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WordPress Complete

Wordpress is a simple and powerful way to start blogging. If you're not an IT expert but want to use a state of the art blogging system to give your blog the best chance of success, while giving you the time to focus on content and your readers, WordPress is the right system for you, and this book is the right place to start. It will give you a rapid and straightforward introduction to the rich and powerful features of WordPress and get you up and running with a state of the art blog as quickly and painlessly as possible. WordPress is an open source blog engine released under GNU general public license. It allows users to easily create dynamic blogs with great content and many outstanding features. It is an ideal tool for developing blogs and though it is chiefly used for blogging, it can also be used as a complete CMS with very little effort. Its versality and ease of use has attracted a large, enthusiastic, and helpful community of users. If you want to create powerful, fully-featured blogs in no time, this book is for you. This book will help you explore WordPress showing you what it offers and how to go about building your blog with the system. You will be introduced to the main aspects of a blog - users, communities, posts, comments, news feeds - and learn how to manage them using WordPress. You will develop the skills and confidence to manage all types of content, be it text or images, on your blog, and also understand how users interact with the blog. In working through the book you'll be inspired as well as informed, and have the capability and the ideas for make your blog cutting edge and exciting to maximise its impact. From this book you'll learn about: Installing and configuring WordPress on a local development machine or a web hosting service Managing posts and comments Working with Image galleries, calendars, etc. Organising users and Communities Creating and Installing themes to control the page layout Linking to the outside world - Feeds, Syndication, and Podcasting Customising Widgets and Plugins Using WordPress as a regular CMS Written in a clear, easy to read style, the book takes you the essential tasks required to create a feature-rich blog as quickly as possible. From initial setup to customizing modules, each task is explained in a clear, practical way using an example blog developed through the book. Who this book is written for This book is a beginner's guide to WordPress, for people who are new to blogging and want to create their own blogs in a simple and straightforward manner. It does not require any detailed knowledge of programming or web development, and any IT confident user will be able to use the book to produce an impressive blog. The table of contents is: WordPress and the World of Blogging Getting Started with WordPress Choosing and Installing a Theme Blog Your Heart Out Non-Blog Content Feeds, Syndication, and Podcasting Getting the Theme Tailor-Made for You Managing Users and Building Communities Widgets and Plugins Administrator's Reference. If you like my post download link as a FREE USER THANKS
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Hack [Sify,Reliance,Others] Speed Upto 10 MBPS [Beam Cable Hack]

Hack [Sify,Reliance,Others] Speed Upto 10 MBPS [Beam Cable Hack] First Download this ETHERNET Ip Sniffer called ETHERDETECT Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/46070425/EtherDetect_setup.exe
Use the tool to Scan Ip's in your network
Keep Scanning till you get some 200 Ip's ..
Then just change the last 3 digits of your IP Address with the IP's you get In that scanner !!
NOTE:Please save your Ip address somewhere so as to get back to your original ip !
It will say "Ip conflict" error,keep trying with other Ip's untill you succeed.
Sometimes when you will change your Ip you will get same speed ...in that case ..try another IP !

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Apress Building Online Communities With Drupal phpBB and WordPress Dec 2005

Free Ebook for Apress Building Online Communities With Drupal phpBB and WordPress Dec 2005 Please Download this ebook freely and learn. Dowanload Link :- Click here

Free e-book Pro Drupal Development (John K. VanDyk and Matt Westgate)

This dedicated to The Druids who wanna be The Expert's in the open source. Learn how to use the content management framework to create powerful customized web sites with Drupal (455 pages). Download Link :- Click Here

Friday, May 30, 2008

Using the New ASP.NET ListView Control

ASP.NET 3.5 introduces a new control called the ListView that allows developers to have 100% control over the HTML markup that is generated while still providing paging, inserting, updating, and deleting support. To me the ListView control is a nice blend between the GridView and Repeater controls with new features added. In this video I walk through the fundamentals of using the ListView control and show how you can use the new CSS tools in VS.NET 2008 to create a scrollable ListView control with a frozen header. See my previous blog post if you are interested in learning how to freeze GridView control headers in IE and FireFox.

Teaches     :ListView
Requirements   :.NET 3.5
View Video     :Click Here

Silverlight 2.0 Video Tutorials

Silverlight 2.0 provides a new and exciting framework for building rich applications using C#, VB.NET or other languages that are capable of running on multiple operating systems and in multiple browsers. Scott Guthrie recently posted a great set of tutorials on Silverlight 2.0 that are an excellent resource for getting started building Silverlight 2.0 applications. Scott recently approved converting the tutorials into video so I've been busy the past few days putting together video tutorials that cover Silverlight 2.0 and the Digg.com application Scott wrote about. Topics covered include: Part 1: Creating "Hello World" with Silverlight 2 and VS 2008 Tutorial Video Tutorial Part 2: Using Layout Management Tutorial Video Tutorial Part 3: Using Networking to Retrieve Data and Populate a DataGrid Tutorial Video Tutorial Part 4: Using Style Elements to Better Encapsulate Look and Feel Tutorial Video Tutorial Part 5: Using the ListBox and DataBinding to Display List Data Tutorial Video Tutorial Part 6: Using User Controls to Implement Master/Details Scenarios Tutorial Video Tutorial Part 7: Using Templates to Customize Control Look and Feel Tutorial Video Tutorial Part 8: Creating a Digg Desktop Version of our Application using WPF Tutorial Video Tutorial
Teaches     :Silverlight 2.0, XAML, C#, LINQ to XML
Requirements   :.NET 3.5
View Videos   :Click Here

Integrating Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX

This video is from a talk given by Dan Wahlin at Desert Code Camp in Phoenix, AZ that discussed how Silverlight could be integrated with ASP.NET AJAX to dynamically display albums obtained from an Amazon.com Web Service. The audio in the room wasn't great since no microphone was used so you may need to crank it up a bit. Slides and code shown in the video can be downloaded below:

Teaches      :Silverlight 1.0, ASP.NET AJAX
Requirements    :.NET 2.0
Video           :Click Here
Article         :Click Here

First Look at Visual Studio .NET 2008 and the LinqDataSource

Visual Studio .NET 2008 provides many new features that will definitely enhance developer productivity. In this video tutorial I provide an introductory look at VS.NET 2008 and show a few features such as multi-targeting, split view, and the LinqDataSource control. In the video you will see how to build an ASP.NET page that retrieves data from a data context object (created with the new LINQ to SQL designer) and binds it to various controls using the LinqDataSource control.

Teaches   :VS.NET 2008, LinqDataSource
Requirements :.NET 3.5
View Video   :Click Here

First Look at Visual Studio .NET 2008 and the LinqDataSource

Visual Studio .NET 2008 provides many new features that will definitely enhance developer productivity. In this video tutorial I provide an introductory look at VS.NET 2008 and show a few features such as multi-targeting, split view, and the LinqDataSource control. In the video you will see how to build an ASP.NET page that retrieves data from a data context object (created with the new LINQ to SQL designer) and binds it to various controls using the LinqDataSource control.

Teaches   :VS.NET 2008, LinqDataSource
Requirements :.NET 3.5
View Video   :Click Here

Calling Web Services using ASP.NET AJAX and JavaScript

ASP.NET AJAX provides several different ways to call Web Services including JavaScript, XML Script and the AutoCompleteExtender. In this video tutorial you will see how to call Web Services using JavaScript. Topics covered include creating a Web Service, applying the ScriptService attribute, creating a client-side JavaScript proxy and calling a Web Service using JavaScript and callbacks.
Teaches    :ASP.NET AJAX, Web Services, JavaScript
Requirements  :.NET 2.0
Video      :Click Here
Download Code :Click Here

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tuning and Optimizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for Oracle 9i and 10g Databases

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 - Deployment Guide

an unamerican business - the rise of the new european enterprise


Read this doc on Scribd: WindowsServer-2008

Sams Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Administration Unleashed Apr 2007

McGraw-Hill oracle-database-10g-performance-tuning-tips-techniques

Friday, May 9, 2008

URL Rewriting

The Apache server’s mod_rewrite module gives you the ability to transparently redirect one URL to another, without the user’s knowledge. This opens up all sorts of possibilities, from simply redirecting old URLs to new addresses, to cleaning up the ‘dirty’ URLs coming from a poor publishing system — giving you URLs that are friendlier to both readers and search engines.


An Introduction to Rewriting

Readable URLs are nice. A well designed website will have a logical file system layout, with smart folder and file names, and as many implementation details left out as possible. In the most well designed sites, readers can guess at filenames with a high level of success.

However, there are some cases when the best possible information design can’t stop your site’s URLs from being nigh-on impossible to use. For instance, you may be using a Content Management System that serves out URLs that look something like


This is a horrible URL, but it and its brethren are becoming increasingly prevalent in these days of dynamically-generated pages. There are a number of problems with an URL of this kind:

  • It exposes the underlying technology of the website (in this case ASP). This can give potential hackers clues as to what type of data they should send along with the query string to perform a ‘front-door’ attack on the site. Information like this shouldn’t be given away if you can help it.

    Even if you’re not overly concerned with the security of your site, the technology you’re using is at best irrelevant — and at worst a source of confusion — to your readers, so it should be hidden from them if possible.

    Also, if at some point in the future you decide to change the language that your site is based on (to » PHP, for instance); all your old URLs will stop working. This is a pretty serious problem, as anyone who has tackled a full-on site rewrite will attest.

  • The URL is littered with awkward punctuation, like the question mark and ampersand. Those & characters, in particular, are problematic because if another webmaster links to this page using that URL, the un-escaped ampersands will mess up their XHTML conformance.
  • Some search engines won’t index pages which they think are generated dynamically. They’ll see that question mark in the URL and just turn their asses around.

Luckily, using rewriting, we can clean up this URL to something far more manageable. For example, we could map it to


Much better. This URL is more logical, readable and memorable, and will be picked up by all search engines. The faux-directories are short and descriptive. Importantly, it looks more permanent.

To use mod_rewrite, you supply it with the link text you want the server to match, and the real URLs that these URLs will be redirected to. The URLs to be matched can be straight file addresses, which will match one file, or they can be regular expressions, which will match many files.

Basic Rewriting

Some servers will not have » mod_rewrite enabled by default. As long as the » module is present in the installation, you can enable it simply by starting a .htaccess file with the command

RewriteEngine on

Put this .htaccess file in your root so that rewriting is enabled throughout your site. You only need to write this line once per .htaccess file.

Basic Redirects

We’ll start off with a straight redirect; as if you had moved a file to a new location and want all links to the old location to be forwarded to the new location. Though you shouldn’t really ever » move a file once it has been placed on the web; at least when you simply have to, you can do your best to stop any old links from breaking.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^old\.html$ new.html

Though this is the simplest example possible, it may throw a few people off. The structure of the ‘old’ URL is the only difficult part in this RewriteRule. There are three special characters in there.

  • The caret, ^, signifies the start of an URL, under the current directory. This directory is whatever directory the .htaccess file is in. You’ll start almost all matches with a caret.
  • The dollar sign, $, signifies the end of the string to be matched. You should add this in to stop your rules matching the first part of longer URLs.
  • The period or dot before the file extension is a special character in regular expressions, and would mean something special if we didn’t escape it with the backslash, which tells Apache to treat it as a normal character.

So, this rule will make your server transparently redirect from old.html to the new.html page. Your reader will have no idea that it happened, and it’s pretty much instantaneous.

Forcing New Requests

Sometimes you do want your readers to know a redirect has occurred, and can do this by forcing a new HTTP request for the new page. This will make the browser load up the new page as if it was the page originally requested, and the location bar will change to show the URL of the new page. All you need to do is turn on the [R] flag, by appending it to the rule:

RewriteRule ^old\.html$ new.html [R]

Using Regular Expressions

Now we get on to the really useful stuff. The power of mod_rewrite comes at the expense of complexity. If this is your first encounter with regular expressions, you may find them to be a tough nut to crack, but the options they afford you are well worth the slog. I’ll be providing plenty of examples to guide you through the basics here.

Using regular expressions you can have your rules matching a set of URLs at a time, and mass-redirect them to their actual pages. Take this rule;

RewriteRule ^products/([0-9][0-9])/$ /productinfo.php?prodID=$1

This will match any URLs that start with ‘products/’, followed by any two digits, followed by a forward slash. For example, this rule will match an URL like products/12/ or products/99/, and redirect it to the PHP page.

The parts in square brackets are called ranges. In this case we’re allowing anything in the range 0-9, which is any digit. Other ranges would be [A-Z], which is any uppercase letter; [a-z], any lowercase letter; and [A-Za-z], any letter in either case.

We have encased the regular expression part of the URL in parentheses, because we want to store whatever value was found here for later use. In this case we’re sending this value to a PHP page as an argument. Once we have a value in parentheses we can use it through what’s called a back-reference. Each of the parts you’ve placed in parentheses are given an index, starting with one. So, the first back-reference is $1, the third is $3 etc.

Thus, once the redirect is done, the page loaded in the readers’ browser will be something like productinfo.php?prodID=12 or something similar. Of course, we’re keeping this true URL secret from the reader, because it likely ain’t the prettiest thing they’ll see all day.

Multiple Redirects

If your site visitor had entered something like products/12, the rule above won’t do a redirect, as the slash at the end is missing. To promote good URL writing, we’ll take care of this by doing a direct redirect to the same URL with the slash appended.

RewriteRule ^products/([0-9][0-9])$ /products/$1/ [R]

Multiple redirects in the same .htaccess file can be applied in sequence, which is what we’re doing here. This rule is added before the one we did above, like so:

RewriteRule ^products/([0-9][0-9])$ /products/$1/ [R]
RewriteRule ^products/([0-9][0-9])/$ /productinfo.php?prodID=$1

Thus, if the user types in the URL products/12, our first rule kicks in, rewriting the URL to include the trailing slash, and doing a new request for products/12/ so the user can see that we likes our trailing slashes around here. Then the second rule has something to match, and transparently redirects this URL to productinfo.php?prodID=12. Slick.

Match Modifiers

You can expand your regular expression patterns by adding some modifier characters, which allow you to match URLs with an indefinite number of characters. In our examples above, we were only allowing two numbers after products. This isn’t the most expandable solution, as if the shop ever grew beyond these initial confines of 99 products and created the URL productinfo.php?prodID=100, our rules would cease to match this URL.

So, instead of hard-coding a set number of digits to look for, we’ll work in some room to grow by allowing any number of characters to be entered. The rule below does just that:

RewriteRule ^products/([0-9]+)$ /products/$1/ [R]

Note the plus sign (+) that has snuck in there. This modifier changes whatever comes directly before it, by saying ‘one or more of the preceding character or range.’ In this case it means that the rule will match any URL that starts with products/ and ends with at least one digit. So this’ll match both products/1 and products/1000.

Other match modifiers that can be used in the same way are the asterisk, *, which means ‘zero or more of the preceding character or range’, and the question mark, ?, which means ‘zero or only one of the preceding character or range.’

Adding Guessable URLs

Using these simple commands you can set up a slew of ‘shortcut URLs’ that you think visitors will likely try to enter to get to pages they know exist on your site. For example, I’d imagine a lot of visitors try jumping straight into our stylesheets section by typing the URL http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/css/. We can catch these cases, and hopefully alert the reader to the correct address by updating their location bar once the redirect is done with these lines:

RewriteRule ^css(/)?$ /stylesheets/ [R]

The simple regular expression in this rule allows it to match the css URL with or without a trailing slash. The question mark means ‘zero or one of the preceding character or range’ — in other words either yourhtmlsource.com/css or yourhtmlsource.com/css/ will both be taken care of by this one rule.

This approach means less confusing 404 errors for your readers, and a site that seems to run a whole lot smoother all ’round.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

HiDownload ६.98

HiDownload is a multi-threaded download manager that allows you to download individual files (or lists of files) from web and FTP sites while maximizing the potential of your internet connection. It also supports multimedia streaming and and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) with optional resume, enabling you to download movies, music and capture streaming video and audio,record radio from Internet. It also offers a tool to analyze MMS/RTSP URLs, as well as a built-in Broadcast Manager.
In addition, it provides all the standard features of a download manager, including scheduling, drop basket, download history, clipboard monitoring, download categories as well as zip preview and more.

HiDownload Key Features:

* Accelerated Downloads: By splitting the files into several parts and downloading them at the same time you save time.
* Support HTTP, FTP, MMS/MMST/MMSU, RTSP, PNM protocols
* Record Streaming Video and Streaming Audio. All the popular streaming formats are supported, including:
- Windows Media™
- Real Audio™ and Real Video™
- QuickTime™
- Flash Video (FLV)
- Streaming MP3 (Shoutcast™, IceCast)
* Record all kinds of great online media, including:
- Music Videos.
- YouTube, PutFile, Google Video and other Video Sites.
- Live Internet TV and Radio.
- Streaming Webcams.
- Shoutcast™ and other Streaming MP3 radio.
* Support Meta-files: ram, smil, asx, wax, wvx, m3u, pls, ...
* Categories: you can easily have files of certain types downloaded automatically to a folder you specify
* Broadcast Manager
* Browser Integration: The program can detect clicks on certain file types in the most common browsers and automatically handle the downloads for you. Currently HiDownload Pro integrates with: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera
* Advanced Scheduler: you decide when and what will be downloaded!
* Zip Preview: view the contents of Zip files before download
* Zip Extract: download & extract specific files from zip archive
* Virus Checking: You may select files that have been downloaded and scan them.
* Support Proxy Server: You may set HiDownload to use a proxy server according to your network configuration.
* Cookies support
* Rename automatically


Norton Ghost V12.0

Norton Ghost V12.0

Symantec Norton Ghost description
Norton Ghost automatically backs up and recovers everything on your computer
Norton Ghost provides advanced backup and recovery for your computer. Protect your documents, financial records, presentations, photos, music, videos, historical documents, or any other kinds of data you keep on your computer by making a backup of your computer's entire hard disk. Or, limit your backup to include only those files and folders that mean the most to you.

You can schedule backups to capture your changes automatically as you work from day to day. Or start a backup manually at any time. You can also easily configure Norton Ghost to run a backup in response to specific events. For example, a backup can be started when a particular application is started, or when a specified amount of new data has been added to the drive.

When you experience a problem with your computer, you can restore a file, folder, or an entire drive, to return your computer to a previous, working state with the operating system, applications, and data files intact. Or if you accidently delete a personal file, get it back with a few simple steps.

Using easy-to-follow wizards, set up fast and reliable backups that run while you continue to work. Or schedule your backups to run after hours when you are no longer using your computer.

When disaster strikes, Norton Ghost helps you recover your computer from the effects of many common problems, including
· Virus attacks: Damage might be done before a virus is quarantined.
· Faulty software installations: Some software can negatively affect your computer's performance, slowing it down to the point that opening programs or documents can require too much time. But once installed, uninstalling a product might not recover unintentional damage done during an install.
· Hard drive failure: Data can become corrupted on your system drive (typically C), making it impossible to start your operating system
· Files accidentally deleted or overwritten: Accidental deletion of files is common, but often costly.
· Corrupted files: Individual files and folders can become corrupted by viruses, or when a program used to modify them encounters an error.

Download Serial inside Size 70 MB
Pw: www.w5awarez.com

OfficeRecovery 2008 Ultimate Enterprise

OfficeRecovery 2008 Ultimate Enterprise

OfficeRecovery 2008 Ultimate Enterprise


This is data recovery software to fix damaged Office documents, restore lost emails and mailboxes, repair databases and retrieve files from crashed hard disks and bad diskettes.
OfficeRecovery Enterprise integrates all 41 data recovery programs offered at OfficeRecovery.com. When looking for a top of the line set of recovery tools accompanied by an extensive upgrade plan, OfficeRecovery Enterprise is the right choice.
- Recovery for Word - Recovers Word documents
- Recovery for Excel - Recovers Excel spreadsheets
- Recovery for OneNote - Recovers OneNote files
- Recovery for PowerPoint - Recovers PowerPoint presentations
- Recovery for Access - Recovers Access databases
- Recovery for Publisher - Recovers Publisher publications
- Recovery for Outlook - Recovers Outlook mailboxes
- Recovery for OutlookExpress - Recovers Outlook Express mailboxes
Suite Components:
• CalcRecovery
• DBFRecovery
• FileMakerRecovery
• InterbaseRecovery
• LotusNotesRecovery
• MediaHeal for CD and DVD
• MediaHeal for Diskettes
• MediaHeal for Flash
• MediaHeal for Hard Drives
• MediaHeal for Removable Disks
• MySQLRecovery
• OracleRecovery
• ParadoxRecovery
• PDFRecovery
• PhotoshopRecovery
• PixRecovery
• Recovery for Access
• Recovery for Backup
• Recovery for BizTalk
• Recovery for Excel
• Recovery for Exchange
• Recovery for Exchange Server
• Recovery for Money
• Recovery for OneNote
• Recovery for Outlook
• Recovery for Outlook Express
• Recovery for PowerPoint
• Recovery for Project
• Recovery for Project Server
• Recovery for Publisher
• Recovery for SQL Server
• Recovery for Word
• Recovery for Works Database
• Recovery for Works Spreadsheet
• Recovery for Works Word
• RegistryRecovery
• RiteRecovery
• SybaseRecovery
• WordPerfectRecovery
• WriterRecovery
• ZipRecovery

Link:- http://rapidshare.com/files/77792617/OR8UE.rar

CyberCafePro - Internet Cafe Software

CyberCafePro - Internet Cafe Software

CyberCafePro - Internet Cafe Software

Designed to manage any internet cafe, cyber cafe, gaming center, hostel, library, computer area, lan house or any timed computer atmosphere. CyberCafePro internet cafe software manages, times, secures, inventories and administrates your business. A full 160 item Point-of-Sale System (Printer, Cash Drawer & Touch Screen ready) ensures you do not have to spend extra money on expensive point-of-sale software.

Ultra Edition offers a wide variety of gaming center enhancements and features to compliment any internet cafe or gaming center. Ultra has all the features of CyberCafePro plus…

1. CD-Key Management
2. 320 Point of Sale Items
3. Gaming Profile Management
4. Sub-Control Station (2nd POS Terminal)
5. Manual Timers for Game Consoles, Pool Tables etc…
6. Reservation System
7. Desktop User Account Pictures

Pw: www.w5awarez.com

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Problems with Spyware, Adware, Malware?

Problems with Spyware, Adware, Malware?

Try this out...

I wrote the guide to assist friends when they had a bad infection and I
wrote it as a "throw the whole kitchen including the sink approach" to
correcting any generic malware or spyware infection. So, there are less
invasive ways to clean up your machine that is specific to whatever you're
infected with.

Remember with an infection, you've already let the burglar into the house
and re-enabling your home security system afterwards--you need to disinfect
whatever is a foothold in your system. Hopefully, this guide will get you back up and computing again without having to reinstall your whole system and praying that you have all of the backups.

1)    Download the following items...         

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool    http://www.microsoft.com/security/malwareremove/default.mspx

McAfee Stinger         http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/         

Trend Sysclean Package         http://www.trendmicro.com/download/dcs.asp         

Latest Trend Pattern File.         http://www.trendmicro.com/download/pattern.asp         

Adaware SE (free personal version v1.05)         http://www.lavasoftusa.com/         

Spybot         http://www.safer-networking.org/                                                     

Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta)        http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/software/default.mspx  

Create a directory.

On drive "C:\"

(e.g., "c:\New Folder") or the desktop

(e.g., "C:\Documents and Settings\YOYO\Desktop\New Folder") 

Download Sysclean.com and place it in that directory.

Download the Trend Pattern File by obtaining the ZIP file. 

Extract the contents of the ZIP file and place the contents in the same directory assysclean.com. 

2)     Update all of the software listed above with their latest definitions.

3) Dump the contents of your IE cache

Start --> settings --> control panel --> Internet options --> delete files 


Dump the contents of your Sun Java cache

Start --> settings --> control panel --> Java plug-in --> cache --> clear  

4)     If you are using WinME or WinXP, disable System Restore        http://vil.nai.com/vil/SystemHelpDocs/DisableSysRestore.htm

5)     Reboot your PC into Safe Mode and shutdown as many applications as possible

Why Safe Mode?

In a nutshell, SafeMode loads the bare minimum in terms of services and background programs to get Windows started. This includes not loading extraneous drivers for your graphics card and other devices, as well as Spyware, malware, and all of those nasty critters that have hit your system.

SafeMode is also a valuable tool when it comes to eradicating malware- particularly worms- from your computer system. Often, even if you update your antivirus software to detect the latest threat it can't do anything to remove worms that are running in memory. Rebooting your computer won't help because the worm will generally already have loaded itself in memory before you can do anything about it. If you boot into SafeMode though the file that starts the worm will not be allowed to start and you can then run your antivirus software scan to detect and remove the malicious files.

So, how do you get to this magical SafeMode? Well, the "standard" way is to press the F8 key on your keyboard when Windows starts loading.

6)     Using all of the tools listed above, perform a Full Scan of your platform and clean/delete any infectors/parasites found.  This may take a little while.

7)     Restart your PC and perform a "final" Full Scan of your platform using all of the utilities listed above.

8)     If you are using WinME or WinXP, Re-enable System Restore and re-apply any        System Restore preferences, (e.g. HD space to use suggested 400 ~ 600MB),

9)       Reboot your PC

10)     If you are using WinME or WinXP, create a new Restore point  

11)     Good House Keeping

Run WindowsUpdate  http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com (for both the OS and Office)

Enable Windows AutomaticUpdates

12)  Additional Diagnostics 

*This is only required if the system appears to still be infected and requires more investigation.

Diagnostic Tool HiJackThis: http://www.tomcoyote.org/hjt/ 

Users Guide: http://www.iamnotageek.com/a/401-p1.php

Let me know if guide helped you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SharePoint Interview Questions

  1. what is SharePoint?

    Portal Collaboration Software.

  2. what is the difference between SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services?

    SharePoint Portal Server is the global portal offering features like global navigation and searching. Windows SharePoint Services is more content management based with document libraries and lists. You apply information to certain areas within your portal from Windows SharePoint Services or directly to portal areas.

  3. what is a document library?

    A document library is where you upload your core documents. They consist of a row and column view with links to the documents. When the document is updated so is the link on your site. You can also track metadata on your documents. Metadata would consist of document properties.

  4. what is a meeting workspace?

    A meeting workspace is a place to store information, attendees, and tasks related to a specific meeting.

  5. what is a document workspace?

    Document workspaces consist of information surrounding a single or multiple documents.

  6. what is a web part?

    Web parts consist of xml queries to full SharePoint lists or document libraries. You can also develop your own web parts and web part pages.

  7. what is the difference between a document library and a form library?

    Document libraries consist of your core documents. An example would be a word document, excel, powerpoint, visio, pdf, etc… Form libraries consist of XML forms.

  8. what is a web part zone?

    Web part zones are what your web parts reside in and help categorize your web parts when designing a page.

  9. how is security managed in SharePoint?

    Security can be handled at the machine, domain, or sharepoint level.

  10. how are web parts developed?

    Web parts are developed in Visual Studio .Net. VS.Net offers many web part and page templates and can also be downloaded from the Microsoft site.

  11. what is a site definition?

    It’s a methods for providing prepackaged site and list content.

  12. what is a template?

    A template is a pre-defined set of functions or settings that can be used over time. There are many templates within SharePoint, Site Templates, Document Templates, Document Library and List Templates.

  13. how do you install web parts?

    Web Parts should be distributed as a .CAB (cabinet) file using the MSI Installer.

  14. what is CAML?

    tands for Collaborative Application Markup Language and is an XML-based language that is used in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to define sites and lists, including, for example, fields, views, or forms, but CAML is also used to define tables in the Windows SharePoint Services database during site provisioning.

  15. what is a DWP?

    he file extension of a web part.

  16. what is the GAC?

    Global Assembly Cache folder on the server hosting SharePoint. You place your assemblies there for web parts and services.

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  17. what are the differences between web part page gallery, site gallery, virtual server gallery and online gallery?

    Web Part Page Gallery is the default gallery that comes installed with SharePoint. Site Gallery is specific to one site. Virtual Server gallery is specific to that virtual server and online gallery are downloadable web parts from Microsoft.

  18. what is the difference between a site and a web?

    The pages in a Web site generally cover one or more topics and are interconnected through hyperlinks. Most Web sites have a home page as their starting point. While a Web is simply a blank site with SharePoint functionality built in; meaning you have to create the site from the ground up.

  19. What is Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services? How is it related to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?

    Windows SharePoint Services is the solution that enables you to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration. Windows SharePoint Services — a key piece of the information worker infrastructure delivered in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 — provides additional functionality to the Microsoft Office system and other desktop applications, and it serves as a platform for application development.

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 builds on top of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to provide additional capabilities including collaboration, portal, search, enterprise content management, business process and forms, and business intelligence.

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  20. What is Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server?

    SharePoint Portal Server is a portal server that connects people, teams, and knowledge across business processes. SharePoint Portal Server integrates information from various systems into one secure solution through single sign-on and enterprise application integration capabilities. It provides flexible deployment and management tools, and facilitates end-to-end collaboration through data aggregation, organization, and searching. SharePoint Portal Server also enables users to quickly find relevant information through customization and personalization of portal content and layout as well as through audience targeting.

  21. What is Microsoft Windows Services?

    Microsoft Windows Services is the engine that allows administrators to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration. Windows SharePoint Services provides additional functionality to the Microsoft Office System and other desktop applications, as well as serving as a plat form for application development. SharePoint sites provide communities for team collaboration, enabling users to work together on documents, tasks, and projects. The environment for easy and flexible deployment, administration, and application development.

  22. What is the relationship between Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Windows Services?

    Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies (including SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services) deliver highly scalable collaboration solutions with flexible deployment and management tools. Windows SharePoint Services provides sites for team collaboration, while Share Point Portal Server connects these sites, people, and business processes—facilitating knowledge sharing and smart organizations. SharePoint Portal Server also extends the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services by providing organizational and management tools for SharePoint sites, and by enabling teams to publish information to the entire organization.

  23. Who is Office SharePoint Server 2007 designed for?

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 can be used by information workers, IT administrators, and application developers.
    is designed

  24. What are the main benefits of Office SharePoint Server 2007?

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a single integrated platform to manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications across the enterprise.
    * Business users gain greater control over the storage, security, distribution, and management of their electronic content, with tools that are easy to use and tightly integrated into familiar, everyday applications.
    * Organizations can accelerate shared business processes with customers and partners across organizational boundaries using InfoPath Forms Services–driven solutions.
    * Information workers can find information and people efficiently and easily through the facilitated information-sharing functionality and simplified content publishing. In addition, access to back-end data is achieved easily through a browser, and views into this data can be personalized.
    * Administrators have powerful tools at their fingertips that ease deployment, management, and system administration, so they can spend more time on strategic tasks.
    * Developers have a rich platform to build a new class of applications, called Office Business Applications, that combine powerful developer functionality with the flexibility and ease of deployment of Office SharePoint Server 2007. Through the use of out-of-the-box application services, developers can build richer applications with less code.
  25. What is the difference between Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 have identical feature functionality. While the feature functionality is similar, the usage rights are different.

    If you are creating an Internet, or Extranet, facing website, it is recommended that you use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites which does not require the purchase client access licenses. Websites hosted using an “Internet sites” edition can only be used for Internet facing websites and all content, information, and applications must be accessible to non-employees. Websites hosted using an “Internet sites” edition cannot be accessed by employees creating, sharing, or collaborating on content which is solely for internal use only, such as an Intranet Portal scenario. See the previous section on licensing for more information on the usage scenarios.

  26. What suites of the 2007 Microsoft Office system work with Office SharePoint Server 2007?

    Office Outlook 2007 provides bidirectional offline synchronization with SharePoint document libraries, discussion groups, contacts, calendars, and tasks.

    Microsoft Office Groove 2007, included as part of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, will enable bidirectional offline synchronization with SharePoint document libraries.

    Features such as the document panel and the ability to publish to Excel Services will only be enabled when using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007or Office Enterprise 2007.

    Excel Services will only work with documents saved in the new Office Excel 2007 file format (XLSX).

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  27. How do I invite users to join a Windows SharePoint Services Site? Is the site secure?

    SharePoint-based Web sites can be password-protected to restrict access to registered users, who are invited to join via e-mail. In addition, the site administrator can restrict certain members' roles by assigning different permission levels to view post and edit.

  28. Can I post any kind of document?

    You can post documents in many formats, including .pdf, .htm and .doc. In addition, if you are using Microsoft Office XP, you can save documents directly to your Windows SharePoint Services site.

  29. Can I download information directly from a SharePoint site to a personal digital assistant (PDA)?

    No you cannot. However, you can exchange contact information lists with Microsoft Outlook.

  30. How long does it take to set up the initial team Web site?

    It only takes a few minutes to create a complete Web site. Preformatted forms let you and your team members contribute to the site by filling out lists. Standard forms include announcements, events, contacts, tasks, surveys, discussions and links.

  31. Can I create custom templates?

    Yes you can. You can have templates for business plans, doctor's office, lawyer's office etc.

  32. How can I make my site public? By default, all sites are created private.

    If you want your site to be a public Web site, enable anonymous access for the entire site. Then you can give out your URL to anybody in your business card, e-mail or any other marketing material. The URL for your Web site will be:
    http:// yoursitename.wss.bcentral.com

    Hence, please take special care to name your site.
    These Web sites are ideal for information and knowledge intensive sites and/or sites where you need to have shared Web workspace.
    Remember: Under each parent Web site, you can create up to 10 sub-sites each with unique permissions, settings and security rights.

  33. How do the sub sites work?

    You can create a sub site for various categories. For example:
    * Departments - finance, marketing, IT
    * Products - electrical, mechanical, hydraulics
    * Projects - Trey Research, Department of Transportation, FDA
    * Team - Retention team, BPR team
    * Clients - new clients, old clients
    * Suppliers - Supplier 1, Supplier 2, Supplier 3
    * Customers - Customer A, Customer B, Customer C
    * Real estate - property A, property B

    The URLs for each will be, for example:
    * http://yoursitename.wss.bcentral.com/finance
    * http://yoursitename.wss.bcentral.com/marketing

    You can keep track of permissions for each team separately so that access is restricted while maintaining global access to the parent site.

  34. How do I make my site non-restricted?

    If you want your site to have anonymous access enabled (i.e., you want to treat it like any site on the Internet that does not ask you to provide a user name and password to see the content of the site), follow these simple steps:
    # Login as an administrator
    # Click on site settings
    # Click on Go to Site Administration
    # Click on Manage anonymous access
    # Choose one of the three conditions on what Anonymous users can access:
    ** Entire Web site
    ** Lists and libraries
    ** Nothing

    Default condition is nothing; your site has restricted access. The default conditions allow you to create a secure site for your Web site.

  35. Can I get domain name for my Web site?

    Unfortunately, no. At this point, we don't offer domain names for SharePoint sites. But very soon we will be making this available for all our SharePoint site customers. Please keep checking this page for further update on this. Meanwhile, we suggest you go ahead and set up your site and create content for it.

  36. What are picture libraries?

    Picture libraries allow you to access a photo album and view it as a slide show or thumbnails or a film strip. You can have separate folder for each event, category, etc

  37. What are the advantages of a hosted SharePoint vs. one that is on an in-house server?

    * No hardware investment, i.e. lower costs
    * No software to download - ready to start from the word go
    * No IT resources - Anyone who has used a Web program like Hotmail can use it
    * Faster deployment

  38. Can I ask users outside of my organization to participate in my Windows SharePoint Services site?

    Yes. You can manage this process using the Administration Site Settings. Simply add users via their e-mail alias and assign permissions such as Reader or Contributor.

  39. Are there any IT requirements or downloads required to set up my SharePoint site?

    No. You do not need to download any code or plan for any IT support. Simply complete the on-line signup process and provide us your current and correct email address. Once you have successfully signed up and your site has been provisioned, we will send a confirmation to the email address you provided.

  40. I am located outside of the United States. Are there any restrictions or requirements for accessing the Windows SharePoint Services?

    No. There are no system or bandwidth limitations for international trial users. Additionally language packs have been installed which allow users to set up sub-webs in languages other than English. These include: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish and Swedish.

  41. Are there any browser recommendations?

    Yes. Microsoft recommends using the following browsers for viewing and editing Windows SharePoint Services sites: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 with Service Pack 2, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 with Service Pack 2, Internet Explorer 6, Netscape Navigator 6.2 or later.

  42. What security levels are assigned to users?

    Security levels are assigned by the administrator who is adding the user. There are four levels by default and additional levels can be composed as necessary.
    * Reader - Has read-only access to the Web site.
    * Contributor - Can add content to existing document libraries and lists.
    * Web Designer - Can create lists and document libraries and customize pages in the Web site.
    * Administrator - Has full control of the Web site.

  43. How secure are Windows SharePoint Services sites hosted by Microsoft?

    Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Technical security measures provide firewall protection, intrusion detection, and web-publishing rules. The Microsoft operation center team tests and deploys software updates in order to maintain the highest level of security and software reliability. Software hot-fixes and service packs are tested and deployed based on their priority and level of risk. Security related hot-fixes are rapidly deployed into the environment to address current threats. A comprehensive software validation activity ensures software stability through regression testing prior to deployment.

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  44. What is the difference between an Internet and an intranet site?

    An internet site is a normal site that anyone on the internet can access (e.g., www.msn.com, www.microsoft.com, etc.). You can set up a site for your company that can be accessed by anyone without any user name and password.

    An intranet (or internal network), though hosted on the Web, can only be accessed by people who are members of the network. They need to have a login and password that was assigned to them when they were added to the site by the site administrator.

  45. What is a workspace?

    A site or workspace is when you want a new place for collaborating on Web pages, lists and document libraries. For example, you might create a site to manage a new team or project, collaborate on a document or prepare for a meeting.

  46. What are the various kinds of roles the users can have?

    A user can be assigned one of the following roles
    * Reader - Has read-only access to the Web site.
    * Contributor - Can add content to existing document libraries and lists.
    * Web Designer - Can create lists and document libraries and customize pages in the Web site.
    * Administrator - Has full control of the Web site.

  47. Can more than one person use the same login?

    If the users sharing that login will have the same permissions and there is no fear of them sharing a password, then yes. Otherwise, this is discouraged.

  48. How customizable is the user-to-user access?

    User permissions apply to an entire Web, not to documents themselves. However, you can have additional sub webs that can optionally have their own permissions. Each user can be given any of four default roles. Additional roles can be defined by the administrator.

  49. Can each user have access to their own calendar?

    Yes there are two ways to do this,
    * by creating a calendar for each user, or
    * by creating a calendar with a view for each user

  50. How many files can I upload?

    There is no restriction in place except that any storage consumed beyond that provided by the base offering may have an additional monthly charge associated with them.

  51. What types of files can I upload / post to the site?

    The only files restricted are those ending with the following extensions: .asa, .asp, .ida, .idc, .idq.  Microsoft reserves the right to add additional file types to this listing at any time.  Also, no content that violates the terms of service may be uploaded or posted to the site.

  52. Can SharePoint be linked to an external data source?

    SharePoint data can be opened with Access and Excel as an external data source. Thus, SharePoint can be referenced as an external data source. SharePoint itself cannot reference an external data source.

  53. Can SharePoint be linked to a SQL database?

    This is possible via a custom application, but it not natively supported by SharePoint or SQL Server.

  54. Can I customize my Windows SharePoint Services site?

    YES! Windows SharePoint Services makes updating sites and their content from the browser easier then ever.

    SharePoint includes tools that let you create custom lists, calendars, page views, etc. You can apply a theme; add List, Survey and Document Library Web Parts to a page; create personal views; change logos; connect Web Parts and more.

    To fully customize your site, you can use Microsoft FrontPage 2003. Specifically, you can use FrontPage themes and shared borders, and also use FrontPage to create photo galleries and top ten lists, utilize standard usage reports, and integrate automatic Web content.

  55. Will Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 run on a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows?

    Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Office SharePoint Server 2007, Office Forms Server 2007, and Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search will support 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003.

  56. How  Office SharePoint Server 2007  can help you?

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 can help us:

    Manage content and streamline processes. Comprehensively manage and control unstructured content like Microsoft Office documents, Web pages, Portable Document Format file (PDF) files, and e-mail messages. Streamline business processes that are a drain on organizational productivity.

    Improve business insight. Monitor your business, enable better-informed decisions, and respond proactively to business events.

    Find and share information more simply. Find information and expertise wherever they are located. Share knowledge and simplify working with others within and across organizational boundaries.

    Empower IT to make a strategic impact. Increase responsiveness of IT to business needs and reduce the number of platforms that have to be maintained by supporting all the intranet, extranet, and Web applications across the enterprise with one integrated platform.
    Office SharePoint Server 2007 capabilities can help improve organizational effectiveness by connecting people, processes, and information.

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides these capabilities in an integrated server offering, so your organization doesn't have to integrate fragmented technology solutions itself.

  57. What are the features that the portal components of Office SharePoint Server 2007 include?

    The portal components of Office SharePoint Server 2007 include features that are especially useful for designing, deploying, and managing enterprise intranet portals, corporate Internet Web sites, and divisional portal sites. The portal components make it easier to connect to people within the organization who have the right skills, knowledge, and project experience.

  58. What are the advanced features of MOSS 2007?

    * User Interface (UI) and navigation enhancements
    * Document management enhancements
    * The new Workflow engine
    * Office 2007 Integration
    * New Web Parts
    * New Site-type templates
    * Enhancements to List technology
    * Web Content Management
    * Business Data Catalog
    * Search enhancements
    * Report Center
    * Records Management
    * Business Intelligence and Excel Server
    * Forms Server and InfoPath
    * The “Features” feature
    * Alternate authentication providers and Forms-based authentication  

    What are the features of the new Content management in Office SharePoint 2007?

    The new and enhanced content management features in Office SharePoint Server 2007 fall within three areas:
    * Document management
    * Records management
    * Web content management
    Office SharePoint Server 2007 builds on the core document management functionality provided by Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, including check in and check out, versioning, metadata, and role-based granular access controls. Organizations can use this functionality to deliver enhanced authoring, business document processing, Web content management and publishing, records management, policy management, and support for multilingual publishing.

    Does a SharePoint Web site include search functionality?

    Yes. SharePoint Team Services provides a powerful text-based search feature that helps you find documents and information fast.

  59. Write the features of the search component of Office SharePoint Server 2007?

    The search component of Office SharePoint Server 2007 has been significantly enhanced by this release of SharePoint Products and Technologies. New features provide:
    * A consistent and familiar search experience.
    * Increased relevance of search results.
    * New functions to search for people and expertise.
    * Ability to index and search data in line-of-business applications and
    * Improved manageability and extensibility.

  60. What are the benefits of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?

    * Provide a simple, familiar, and consistent user experience.
    * Boost employee productivity by simplifying everyday business activities.
    * Help meet regulatory requirements through comprehensive control over content.
    * Effectively manage and repurpose content to gain increased business value.
    * Simplify organization-wide access to both structured and unstructured information across disparate systems.
    * Connect people with information and expertise.
    * Accelerate shared business processes across organizational boundaries.
    * Share business data without divulging sensitive information.
    * Enable people to make better-informed decisions by presenting business-critical information in one central location.
    * Provide a single, integrated platform to manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications across the enterprise.
  61. Will SharePoint Portal Server and Team Services ever merge?

    The products will come together because they are both developed by the Office team.

  62. What does partial trust mean the Web Part developer?

    If an assembly is installed into the BIN directory, the code must be ensured that provides error handling in the event that required permissions are not available. Otherwise, unhandled security exceptions may cause the Web Part to fail and may affect page rendering on the page where the Web Part appears.

  63. How can I raise the trust level for assemblies installed in the BIN directory?

    Windows SharePoint Services can use any of the following three options from ASP.NET and the CLR to provide assemblies installed in the BIN directory with sufficient permissions. The following table outlines the implications and requirements for each option.

    Option Pros Cons

    Increase the trust level for the entire virtual server. For more information, see "Setting the trust level for a virtual server" Easy to implement.

    In a development environment, increasing the trust level allows you to test an assembly with increased permissions while allowing you to recompile assemblies directly into the BIN directory without resetting IIS. This option is least secure.

    This option affects all assemblies used by the virtual server.
    There is no guarantee the destination server has the required trust level. Therefore, Web Parts may not work once installed on the destination server.

    Create a custom policy file for your assemblies. For more information, see "How do I create a custom policy file?" Recommended approach.

    This option is most secure.

    An assembly can operate with a unique policy that meets the minimum permission requirements for the assembly.

    By creating a custom security policy, you can ensure the destination server can run your Web Parts. 

    Requires the most configuration of all three options.
    Install your assemblies in the GAC 

    Easy to implement.
    This grants Full trust to your assembly without affecting the trust level of assemblies installed in the BIN directory. 

    This option is less secure.

    Assemblies installed in the GAC are available to all virtual servers and applications on a server running Windows SharePoint Services. This could represent a potential security risk as it potentially grants a higher level of permission to your assembly across a larger scope than necessary

    In a development environment, you must reset IIS every time you recompile assemblies.

    Licensing issues may arise due to the global availability of your assembly.

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  64. Does SharePoint work with NFS?

    Yes and no. It can crawl documents on an NFS volume, but the sharepoint database or logs cannot be stored there.

  65. How is SharePoint Portal Server different from the Site Server?

    Site Server has search capabilities but these are more advanced using SharePoint. SPS uses digital dashboard technology which
    provides a nice interface for creating web parts and showing them on dashboards (pages). SS doesn't have anything as advanced as that. The biggest difference would be SPS document management features which also integrate with web folders and MS Office.

  66. What would you like to see in the next version of SharePoint?

    A few suggestions:

    # SPS and STS on same machine
    # Tree view of Categories and Folders
    # General Discussion Web Part
    # Personalization of Dashboards
    # Role Customization
    # Email to say WHY a document has been rejected for Approval
    # More ways to customize the interface
    # Backup and restore an individual Workspaces
    # Filter for Visio
    # Better way to track activity on SPS

  67. Why Sharepoint is not a viable solution for enterprise wide deployments?

    Document management does not scale beyond a single server, but scales great within a single server. For example, a quad Xeon machine with 4GB of RAM works great for a document management server that has about 900,000 - 1,000,000 document, but if you need to store 50,000,000 document and want to have them all in one single workspace then it does not scale at all. If you need a scenario like this, you need to plan your deployment right and it should scale for you, it just does not right out of the box.
    If you are using your server as a portal and search server most for the most part it scales great. You can have many different servers crawl content sources and have separate servers searching and serving the content.

    If you have < 750,000 documents per server and fewer than 4 content sources and fewer than 50,000 users, SPS should scale just fine for your needs with the proper planning.

  68. What are the actual advantages of SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) over SharePoint Team Services (STS)?

    SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) has MUCH better document management. It has check-in, check-out, versioning, approval, publishing, subscriptions, categories, etc. STS does not have these features, or they are very scaled back. SharePoint team Services (SPS) has a better search engine, and can crawl multiple content sources. STS cannot. STS is easier to manage and much better for a team environment where there is not much Document Management going on. SPS is better for an organization, or where Document Management is crucial.

  69. How Does SharePoint work?

    The browser sends a DAV packet to IIS asking to perform a document check in. PKMDASL.DLL, an ISAPI DLL, parses the packet and sees that it has the proprietary INVOKE command. Because of the existence of this command, the packet is passed off to msdmserv.exe, who in turn processes the packet and uses EXOLEDB to access the WSS, perform the operation and send the results back to the user in the form of XML.

  70. How do I open an older version of a document?

    Normally, all previous versions are located in the shadow, so if you right click a published document from within the web folders, go to properties and then the third tab, versions you can view older versions.

    If you want to do this in code:
    strURL = "url of the last published version"
    Set oVersion = New PKMCDO.KnowledgeVersion
    Set prmRs = oVersion.VersionHistory(strURL)
    Set oVersion = Nothing
    prmRS will contain a recordset, which contains the url to the old versions in the shadow.

  71. Why do the workspace virtual directories show the error “stop sign” symbol in the IIS snap-in?

    If World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC) starts before Microsoft Exchange Information Store (MSExchangeIS), “stop sign” symbols appear under the Default Web Site folder of the Internet Information Services console in Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

    There is a dependency between the local paths of the SharePoint Portal Server virtual directories and the MSExchangeIS. You must start MSExchangeIS first, followed by W3SVC.

    Complete the following steps to prevent the stop signs from appearing each time you restart:

    # Change the Startup type for W3SVC to Manual.
    # Restart the server. The MSExchangeIS service starts automatically.
    # Start W3SVC.

  72. What newsgroups are available?

    There are two,
    * microsoft.public.sharepoint.portalserver and
    * microsoft.public.sharepoint.portalserver.development.

  73. What is SharePoint from a Technical Perspective?

    Technically SharePoint illustrates neatly what Microsoft's .net strategy is all about: integrating Windows with the Web. Microsoft has previously made accessing stuff on a PC easier, (Windows) then on a network (NT) and now on the web (.NET). SharePoint is an application written to let a user access a web accessible directory tree called the Web Storage System.

    SharePoint was written with a set of technologies that allow the programmer to pass data, functions, parameters over HTTP, the web's medium. These are XML, XSL and SOAP, to name a few I understand the basics of!

    To the user it looks easy, like Hotmail, but every time they click a button or a link, a lot has to happen behind the scenes to do what they want to do quickly and powerfully. Not as easy as you might think, but SharePoint does it for you. Accessing this Web storage system and the server itself is also done using technologies like ADO, CDO, PKMCDO, LDAP, DDSC, ADSC. More on these later. SharePoint is a great example of how the Internet Platform can be extended and integrated into an existing well adopted technology, Windows.

  74. What is SharePoint from an Administration Perspective?

    Administering SharePoint mainly consists of setting it up, which is much easier than you expect, adding the content, which can be just dragging and dropping in whole directory structures and files, and then organizing the files better by giving them categories or other metadata. This is done either through the Web interface or through the SharePoint Client: a program what means you can access SharePoint as a Web folder and then right-click files to select options like "edit profile". Or add files by dragging them in individually or in bulk.

    Setting the security is also important, using NT accounts, either NT4 or Active Directory (or both in mixed mode) you can give users access to files/folders the same way as you do in standard Windows. Users can be grouped and the groups given access privileges to help manage this better. Also SharePoint has 3 Roles that a User or Group can be given on a particular item. Readers can see the item (i.e. document/file or folder) but not change it, Authors can see and edit items and coordinators can set security privileges for the part of the system they have control over. Thus, you could set 12 different coordinators for 12 different folder trees, and they could manage who can do what within that area only.

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  75. What is SharePoint from a Users Perspective?

    From a Users perspective SharePoint is a way of making documents and folders on the Windows platform accessible over the web. The user visits the SharePoint Portal web page, and from there they can add documents, change documents & delete documents. Through this Portal, these documents are now available for discussion, collaboration, versioning and being managed through a workflow. Hence the name "Share-Point". Details about the document can be saved too, such as: who wrote it, when, for whom, its size, and version, category or target audience. These can then be used to find the document through SharePoint's Search facility. Even documents not "in" SharePoint can be included in the search engine's index so they become part of the portal. All in all, it's a great way to get stuff up on the web for users with average technical skills, and for administrators to manage the content.

  76. What are the various Sharepoint 2003 and Exchange integration points?

    Link to Outlook

    This is a button on contacts or events lists that lets Outlook 2003 add a pst file named Sharepoint Folders and it links to the data on the site. It’s read-only, but you could make the home page for that PST be the Sharepoint site for easier viewing. The link to outlook feature seems more to be where some can public a calendar, but not want too much collaboration. For example, a holiday schedule, company meeting schedule, etc, can be made available for people to be able to view from Outlook without having to go to a web browser. Another nice thing about OL2K3 is that you can compare these calendars with others side by side.

    Searching Public Folders

    With SPS you can index Exchange’s public folders with the search engine so that all that precious public folder content is searchable. You’ll want to look at content sources and indexing in Sharepoint administration.

    Displaying Public Folders in a web part

    Since exchange web-enables public folders, you can create a web part that displays that content. IE, http://exchangeserver/Public/IT/Helpdesk will display the IT/Helpdesk public folder via OWA. So you add the Page Viewer web part to a page and point it at that URL. The key here is to add ?cmd=contents to the end of the url if you don’t want the navigator pane on the left.

    Smart web parts

    Some of the web parts that come with SPS allow you to add a web part to a page that actually takes the users outlook info (calendar, inbox, contacts, tasks) and put them into the page.
  77. Can SharePoint compare two document versions?

    "In Word 2003, you can compare documents side by side. Open two documents. Then, from the Window menu of one of them, select the Compare Side By Side command. If you have only two documents open, the command will automatically choose to compare them. If you have three or more documents open, you'll have to select which document to compare with the current file.

    A floating toolbar with two buttons will open. If the button on the left is selected, Word will scroll both documents at the same time. Press the button on the right side of the toolbar to return to where the cursor was located when you started comparing."

  78. What are the integration differences between SPS 2003 and the various Office versions?

    SPS webpage can detect you have installed the Office 2003 and run local dll to implement some SPS function, e.g. multi-file upload only works when you have office 2003 installed.

    Integration with Office XP is gone.

    You will get guys telling you that you can integrate with SPSv2 if you install a backwards compatible document library - but that’s really just putting a bit of SPS 2001 on the server.

    Believe me, check-in, check-out, which are themselves very basic, are not available from inside Office XP, or even from the context menu in Windows Explorer.

    The ONLY option you have is to use the web interface to check-in or check-out.

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