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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Novel Collection June 2008

Novel Collection June 2008 80 Novels | PDF/Word?HTML/Lit | 31 MB Archive Contents: Baldacci David - The Whole Truth. Bram Stoker - The Man. Charlaine Harris - [Southern Vamp 01] - Dead Until Dark. Charlaine Harris - [Southern Vamp 02] - Living Dead in Dallas. Charlaine Harris - [Southern Vamp 03] - Club Dead. Charlaine Harris - A Secret Rage. Chuck Palahniuk - Stranger Than Fiction {True Stories** David Gemmell - [The Damned 01] - White Wolf. Dean R Koontz - Odd Hours. Diana Gabaldon - [Outlander 01] - Outlander. Diana Gabaldon - [Outlander 06] - Breath of Snow and Ashes. Edward Aarons - Come Back, My Love. Emma Holly - Demon's Fire. Greg Iles - Blood Memory. Greg Iles - Sleep No More. Greg Iles - Turning Angel. Gruen Sara - Water for Elephants. Harlan Coben - Hold Tight. J. A. Jance - Edge of Evil. Jack Higgins - [Paul Chavasse 01] - The Bormann Testament. Jack Higgins - [Paul Chavasse 02] - Year of the Tiger. Jack Higgins - [Paul Chavasse 03] - The Keys of Hell. Jack Higgins - Brought in Dead. Jack Higgins - In the Hour Before Midnight. James Patterson - Sundays at Tiffany's. James Rollins - Amazonia (2002). Janet Evanovich - Naughty Neighbor. Joan Wolf - The Deception. Katherine V. Forrest - Daughters of Coral Dawn. Keri Arthur - [Nikki & Michael 01] - Dancing with the Devil. Keri Arthur - [Nikki & Michael 02] - Hearts in Darkness. Keri Arthur - [Nikki & Michael 03] - Chasing the Shadows. Keri Arthur - [Nikki & Michael 04] - Kiss the Night Good-Bye. Keri Arthur - [Riley Jensen Guardian 06] - The Darkest Kiss. Kinky Friedman - Mile High Club. Laura Anne Gilman - Overrush. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 01] - Final Jeopardy. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 02] - Likely to Die. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 03] - Cold Hit. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 04] - The Deadhouse. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 05] - The Bone Vault. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 06] - The Kills. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 07] - Entombed. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 08] - Death Dance. Linda Fairstein - [Cooper 09] - Bad Blood. Martin Cruz Smith - [Arkady Renko 01] - Gorky Park. Martin Cruz Smith - [Arkady Renko 02] - Polar Star. Martin Cruz Smith - [Arkady Renko 03] - Red Square. Martin Cruz Smith - Stalin's Ghost. Martin Cruz Smith - December 6. Mary Higgins Clark - All Around The Town. Max Allan Collins - Lusitania Murders. Max Allan Collins - The Scorpion King. Stephenie Meyer - Twilight Books 1-3 Michael Connelly - The Lincoln Lawyer. Michael Crichton - Eaters Of The Dead. Michael Crichton - Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton - The Great Train Robbery. Michael Crichton - The Lost World. Michael Crichton - Timeline. Neil Gaiman - Fragile Things. Robert Harris - The Ghost (A Novel). Robert Ludlum & Gayle Lynds - [Covert One Book 01] - The Hades Factor. Robert Ludlum & Philip Shelby - [Covert One Book 02] - The Cassandra Compact. Robert W. Chambers - The Reckoning. Robin Cook - Terminal. Ross King - Ex Libris. S. M. Stirling - The Peshawar Lancers. Stephanie Bedwell-Grime - Fair Game Inc. Stephenie Meyer - The Host. Stuart Woods - [Rick Barron 01] - The Prince of Beverly Hills. Stuart Woods - [Rick Barron 02] - Beverly Hills Dead. Stuart Woods - Dead Eyes. Stuart Woods - Fresh Disasters. Van Praagh James - Reaching to Heaven. William Hjortsberg - Falling Angel. Tolle Eckhart - A New Earth.

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WordPress Complete

Wordpress is a simple and powerful way to start blogging. If you're not an IT expert but want to use a state of the art blogging system to give your blog the best chance of success, while giving you the time to focus on content and your readers, WordPress is the right system for you, and this book is the right place to start. It will give you a rapid and straightforward introduction to the rich and powerful features of WordPress and get you up and running with a state of the art blog as quickly and painlessly as possible. WordPress is an open source blog engine released under GNU general public license. It allows users to easily create dynamic blogs with great content and many outstanding features. It is an ideal tool for developing blogs and though it is chiefly used for blogging, it can also be used as a complete CMS with very little effort. Its versality and ease of use has attracted a large, enthusiastic, and helpful community of users. If you want to create powerful, fully-featured blogs in no time, this book is for you. This book will help you explore WordPress showing you what it offers and how to go about building your blog with the system. You will be introduced to the main aspects of a blog - users, communities, posts, comments, news feeds - and learn how to manage them using WordPress. You will develop the skills and confidence to manage all types of content, be it text or images, on your blog, and also understand how users interact with the blog. In working through the book you'll be inspired as well as informed, and have the capability and the ideas for make your blog cutting edge and exciting to maximise its impact. From this book you'll learn about: Installing and configuring WordPress on a local development machine or a web hosting service Managing posts and comments Working with Image galleries, calendars, etc. Organising users and Communities Creating and Installing themes to control the page layout Linking to the outside world - Feeds, Syndication, and Podcasting Customising Widgets and Plugins Using WordPress as a regular CMS Written in a clear, easy to read style, the book takes you the essential tasks required to create a feature-rich blog as quickly as possible. From initial setup to customizing modules, each task is explained in a clear, practical way using an example blog developed through the book. Who this book is written for This book is a beginner's guide to WordPress, for people who are new to blogging and want to create their own blogs in a simple and straightforward manner. It does not require any detailed knowledge of programming or web development, and any IT confident user will be able to use the book to produce an impressive blog. The table of contents is: WordPress and the World of Blogging Getting Started with WordPress Choosing and Installing a Theme Blog Your Heart Out Non-Blog Content Feeds, Syndication, and Podcasting Getting the Theme Tailor-Made for You Managing Users and Building Communities Widgets and Plugins Administrator's Reference. If you like my post download link as a FREE USER THANKS
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Hack [Sify,Reliance,Others] Speed Upto 10 MBPS [Beam Cable Hack]

Hack [Sify,Reliance,Others] Speed Upto 10 MBPS [Beam Cable Hack] First Download this ETHERNET Ip Sniffer called ETHERDETECT Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/46070425/EtherDetect_setup.exe
Use the tool to Scan Ip's in your network
Keep Scanning till you get some 200 Ip's ..
Then just change the last 3 digits of your IP Address with the IP's you get In that scanner !!
NOTE:Please save your Ip address somewhere so as to get back to your original ip !
It will say "Ip conflict" error,keep trying with other Ip's untill you succeed.
Sometimes when you will change your Ip you will get same speed ...in that case ..try another IP !

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Apress Building Online Communities With Drupal phpBB and WordPress Dec 2005

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Free e-book Pro Drupal Development (John K. VanDyk and Matt Westgate)

This dedicated to The Druids who wanna be The Expert's in the open source. Learn how to use the content management framework to create powerful customized web sites with Drupal (455 pages). Download Link :- Click Here
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