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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hide Files Inside Pictures

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Hide Files Inside Pictures

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wiley - Finance A Fine Art

Fleuriet paints this book with the brush of a true artist. In the background, he portrays the broad image with his encyclopedic knowledge of the markets’ historical development and their workings, including the creation of currencies. On top of this he adds details dealing specifically with stocks, bonds and derivatives. Then he forces us to step back and contemplate the picture he has painted from different perspectives, first fromthat of the issuer of securities and then fromthat of the purchaser. Finally, as any good artist would, he challenges us with some different ideas – stock prices are not determined by ordinary supply and demand and perhaps bear little relationship to enterprise value, but rather reflect the interplay of different expectations on the part of buyers and sellers. Moreover, he presents us with the intriguing idea that pessimists and optimists do not have the same market impact and a different way of thinking about who the buyers and sellers of stock are and what their effect is on prices. Fleuriet also leaves us with some stimulating comments and explanations of the new economy/ internet bubble of 2000 and the even more recent Enron debacle. It is indeed a pleasure to experience the work of this fine financial artist. http://www.ebooksengine.com/uploads/finance1/Wiley-Finance_A_Fine_Art.pdf

Statistical Analysis with Excel

Statistical Analysis with Excel Volume 5 in the series Excel for Professionals Volume 1: Excel For Beginners Volume 2: Charting in Excel Volume 3: Excel-- Beyond The Basics Volume 4: Managing & Tabulating Data in Excel Volume 5: Statistical Analysis with Excel Volume 6: Financial Analysis using Excel http://ebooksengine.com/uploads/finance1/McGraw-Hill-Statistical_Analysis_With_Excel-Brealey&Myers-Finance.pdf

Business Plan - On Target - The Book On Marketing Plans

the name describes the book itself.... its all about business and marketing DOWNLOAD http://www.ebooksengine.com/uploads/finance/Business%20Plan%20-%20On%20Target%20-%20The%20Book%20On%20Marketing%20Plans.rar

Finance eBooks

Here are some of the ebooks, which i m sure, will help students who are interested in finance... just scroll down and start reading the ebooks now.... muaahh

Encyclopedia of Business and Finance - 1

Encyclopedia of Business and Finance - 2

India and China - New tigers of asian economy

The Communist Manifesto

Tony Buzan-Use Your Memory

Trade secrets to doubling your income from your home

Trading ebook - ElliotWave Elite Traders Secrets
Some More Finance eBooks (Prentice Hall)Spreadsheet Modeling In Corporate Finance DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54861654/_Prentice_20Hall_Spreadsheet_20Modeling_20In_20Corporate_20Finance.rar
Finance -- Accounting Financial Statements Analysis Whether you watch analysts on CNBC or read articles in the Wall Street Journal, you'll hear experts insisting on the importance of "doing your homework" before investing in a company. In other words, investors should dig deep into the company's financial statements and analyze everything from the auditor's report to the footnotes. But what does this advice really mean, and how does an investor follow it? DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54861655/Finance_20--_20Accounting_20Financial_20Statements_20Analysis.pdf
English Finance Management Project Strategic Handbook DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54861657/Handbook_for_small_business.pdf
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Consider the new manager who is asked to prepare a budget for his or her department. How do you begin your budget? Well, how about sales? Do you start with what you hope you can sell? What you’re sure you can sell? What you sold last year or last month? What will management believe? OK, if that’s too confusing, maybe you should start with expenses. What do you need to spend? What you spent last year or last month? What you hope you can get approval to spend? Do you actually know what it will really cost? Just knowing where to begin is a challenge. And then how do you decide how much money or staffing you’ll need to reach the goals you want to achieve or that your boss wants you to achieve? Whew! Why can’t Finance just do this for you? And the truth is, of course, they really can’t. Oh, sure, Finance can prepare something that looks like a budget and in many companies that’s what happens. But then it’s not really your budget; it’s theirs. And if you miss the target they set, well, it’s not really your problem, now, is it? Yet as managers we know that each department knows its unique needs and capabilities better than anyone else. And we know from Management 101 that a goal must be accepted—better yet, owned—by the people who actually will do the work, for there to be a strong commitment to achieving it. And that, simply put, is why each department within the organization must do its own budget and, therefore, why its managers must learn to budget effectively. And, yes, you will need to be able to answer, at some level, all the questions I’ve raised above. So get this book and become a successful manager DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54863006/McGraw-Hill-Finance_for_Non-Financial_Managers.pdf

Sample Essays for the TOEFL Writing Test

Sample Essays for the TOEFL Writing Test Sample Essays for the TOEFL Writing Test Pages: 160 ETS publishes its official list of TOEFL essay topics on its website. All essays assigned on the actual TOEFL test come from this list. This book contains 400 sample essays with scores of 6.0. Each essay was written based on one of the topics from the ETS official list. The book covers 100% of these topics. Each ETS TOEFL writing topic has at least one sample answer in this book. Students who take the Computer-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language must also compose a written essay that counts towards part of their structure score. This book contains a total of 400 sample TOEFL essays, offering an intensive preparation for this part of the test. Download Mirror

Kaplan GMAT 2006, Premier Program

Kaplan GMAT 2006, Premier Program Kaplan GMAT 2006, Premier Program Pages: 408 Includes: *Fully integrated book, CD-ROM, and online program *A rich online study plan that guides students through all of the integrated assets of the comprehensive program, including the book, online, and software *Guidance throughout the program, directing students to additional resources within the program if they need it *A diagnostic experience to help students concentrate on the areas in which they need the most help *A progress report, so students can keep track of and analyze their performance as they make their way through the program *Email communication at key points during the program, providing extra tips and guidance, as well as motivation to keep improving *Monthly online additions to ensure that the student has the latest content and information about the exam *Remedial content to ensure students are up-to-speed on the basic concepts before attacking higher-level content *Downloadable strategy and reference guides for easy prep on the go *Realistic practice experiences *Online question banks *6 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations Download

Mirrors in 2 parts. Mirror Part-1 | Part-2 Mirror Part-1 | Part-2 Mirror Part-1 | Part-2 Mirror Part-1 | Part-2


Kane And Abel-Jeffrey Archer April 18th, 19o6 Slonim, Poland She only stopped screaming when she died. It was then that he started to scream. The young boy who was hunting rabbits in the forest was not sure whether it had been the woman's last cry or the child's first that alerted him. He turned suddenly, sensing the possible danger, his eyes searching for an animal that was so obviously in pain. He had never known any animal to scream in quite that way before. He edged towards the noise cautiously; the scream had now turned to a whine but it still did not sound like any animal he knew. He hoped it would be small enough to kill; at least that would make a change from rabbit for dinner. The young boy moved stealthily towards the river, where the strange noise came from, running from tree to tree, feeling the protection of the bark against his shoulder blades, something to touch. Never stay in the open, his father had taught him. When he reached the edge of the forest, he had a clear line of vision all the way down the valley to the river, and even then it took him some time to realise that the strange cry ernanated from no ordinary animal........................................ DOWNLOAD FULL NOVEL http://rapidshare.com/files/54859696/Kane_20And_20Abel-Jeffrey_20Archer.pdf
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari He collapsed right in the middle of a packed courtroom. He was one of this country's most distinguished trial lawyers. He was also a man who was as well known for the three-thousand-dollar Italian suits which draped his well-fed frame as for his remarkable string of legal victories. I simply stood there, paralyzed by the shock of what I had just witnessed. The great Julian Mantle had been reduced to a victim and was now squirming on the ground like a helpless infant, shaking and shivering and sweating like a maniac. Everything seemed to move in slow motion from that point on. "My God, Julian's in trouble!" his paralegal screamed, emotionally offering us a blinding glimpse of the obvious. The judge looked panic-stricken and quickly muttered something into the private phone she had had installed in the event of an emergency. As for me, I could only stand there, dazed and confused. Please don't die, you old fool. Its too early for you to check out. You don't deserve to die like this...................... DOWNLOAD FULL NOVEL http://rapidshare.com/files/54859690/The_20Monk_20Who_20Sold_20His_20Ferrari.pdf
The God Of Small Things May in Ayemenem is a hot, brooding month. The days are long and humid. The river shrinks and black crows gorge on bright mangoes in still, dustgreen trees. Red bananas ripen. Jackfruits burst. Dissolute bluebottles hum vacuously in the fruity air. Then they stun themselves against clear windowpanes and die, fatly baffled in the sun. The nights are clear, but suffused with sloth and sullen expectation. But by early June the southwest monsoon breaks and there are three months of wind and water with short spells of sharp, glittering sunshine that thrilled children snatch to play with. The countryside turns an immodest green. Boundaries blur as tapioca fences take root and bloom. Brick walls turn moss green. Pepper vines snake up electric poles. Wild creepers burst through laterite banks and spill across flooded roads. Boats ply in the bazaars. And small fish appear in the puddles that fill the PWD potholes on the highways. ................................. DOWNLOAD FULL NOVEL http://rapidshare.com/files/54859687/The_20God_20Of_20Small_20Things.pdf
Love Story- Erich Segal What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died? That she was beautiful. And brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Bach. And the Beatles. And me. Once, when she specifically lumped me with those musical types, I asked her what the order was, and she replied, smiling, 'Alphabetical.' At the time I smiled too. But now I sit and wonder whether she was listing me by my first name - in which case I would trail Mozart - or by my last name, in which case I would edge in there between Bach and the Beatles. Either way I don't come first, which for some stupid reason bothers hell out of me, having grown up with the notion that I always had tobe number one. Family heritage, don't you know?................................... DOWNLOAD FULL NOVEL http://rapidshare.com/files/54859685/Love_20Story-_20Erich_20Segal.pdf
The Da Vinci Code this book has created a lot of sensation. i don't know if u beleive in it or not.. but u must read it, atleast for ur knowledge about all this fuss... and one more thing, after reading the book, give your comments about it in this thread.. whether they are positive or negetive.. DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54860313/The_20Da_20Vinci_20Code.pdf Madona Sex This is adult book written by Madona.She teaches about Sex. Download

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Learn Linux

Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition Written by award-winning author Keir Thomas, Beginning SUSE Linux, Second Edition is the comprehensive guide to openSUSE Linux 10.1, the community-created version of SUSE Linux. The book starts with an introduction to the world of Linux and the open source community, and this is followed by an illustrated step-by-step guide to openSUSE installation and hardware configuration. A special edition of openSUSE 10.1 is provided on the DVD-ROM that comes with the book. This version includes several additional items of proprietary software, as well as all the “devel” software packages, making for a comprehensive package. The book shows how to wield total control over your newly installed operating system. It will guide you through system customization opportunities and common tasks like listening to audio CDs and MP3s, watching movies, and performing office- and Internet-related tasks. A large part of the book is dedicated to advanced command-line techniques necessary to maintain your system and become a true Linux master! This second edition of the best-selling first edition has been boosted by 200 pages to over 700 in total, and has been completely revised and updated. Beginning SUSE Linux, Second Edition is the only print title to cover openSUSE 10.1. http://rapidshare.com/files/24855632/Apress.Beginning.SUSE.Linux.2nd.Edition.Nov.200
Windows Vista For Dummies Quick Reference Readers will save themselves time and energy by using this handy, A-to-Z reference to quickly find answers regarding the exciting new release of Windows Vista Includes helpful information on the new features of Vista, such as the task-based interface, sidebar, gadgets, new “Aero” interface, 3D-look option, heightened security, new search capabilities, and much more Covers navigating the desktop, launching programs, adding programs, removing programs, creating files, copying files and folders, and deleting files and folders Accessible organization of topics also shows readers how to create shortcuts, connect to the Internet, search the Web, add favorites, use the new file management system, and more http://rapidshare.com/files/24145957/_2007-01__0471783269_Windows_Vista_For_Dum
Title: Linux Bible 2007 Edition Added: 16-05-2007 05:05 By: karatxxx Description: Linux Bible 2007 Edition Boot up Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, SUSE, and 11 Other Distributions (Bible) PDF | ENGLISH | 16 MB Linux is productive enough to use as your only desktop system and powerful enough to run entire corporate enterprise installations. Get the most out of Linux for your home, small business, or corporate computing needs with this comprehensive reference as your guide. Walk through 16 different Linux distributions, find step-by-step instructions, discover new programming tools—and tap into the world of free software. This is the book you need to succeed with Linux. * Master Linux for desktops, servers, and workstations * Find, install, and use tons of free and open source software * Launch all your music, video, images, and documents in Linux * Browse, e-mail, or chat over the Internet from a Linux desktop * Set up your own e-mail and Web (LAMP) servers * Make safe connections using firewalls and other security tools * Run Linux on anything from an old PC to a high-end server Links Download Linux Bible

Facing the GRE Exam

Facing the GRE Exam With over 60 percent of American graduate programs requiring strong GRE scores for entry, performing well on this test is essential for anyone interested in pursuing a graduate degree. Acing the GRE provides targeted practice designed to increase academic aptitude and give students the tools they need to succeed. The book includes: • A complete section devoted to each part of the GRE — Analytical Writing, Verbal, and Quantitative — featuring practice questions with fully explained answers • A guide to studying for the GRE that explains how to improve time management and prepare effectively for questions on the GRE • Access to online tests that are designed to improve skills with customized diagnostic reports http://linkgrabber.blogspot.com/2006/09/acing-gre-exam.html
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