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Monday, September 10, 2007

Wiley - Finance A Fine Art

Fleuriet paints this book with the brush of a true artist. In the background, he portrays the broad image with his encyclopedic knowledge of the markets’ historical development and their workings, including the creation of currencies. On top of this he adds details dealing specifically with stocks, bonds and derivatives. Then he forces us to step back and contemplate the picture he has painted from different perspectives, first fromthat of the issuer of securities and then fromthat of the purchaser. Finally, as any good artist would, he challenges us with some different ideas – stock prices are not determined by ordinary supply and demand and perhaps bear little relationship to enterprise value, but rather reflect the interplay of different expectations on the part of buyers and sellers. Moreover, he presents us with the intriguing idea that pessimists and optimists do not have the same market impact and a different way of thinking about who the buyers and sellers of stock are and what their effect is on prices. Fleuriet also leaves us with some stimulating comments and explanations of the new economy/ internet bubble of 2000 and the even more recent Enron debacle. It is indeed a pleasure to experience the work of this fine financial artist. http://www.ebooksengine.com/uploads/finance1/Wiley-Finance_A_Fine_Art.pdf

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