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Monday, September 10, 2007

Finance eBooks

Here are some of the ebooks, which i m sure, will help students who are interested in finance... just scroll down and start reading the ebooks now.... muaahh

Encyclopedia of Business and Finance - 1

Encyclopedia of Business and Finance - 2

India and China - New tigers of asian economy

The Communist Manifesto

Tony Buzan-Use Your Memory

Trade secrets to doubling your income from your home

Trading ebook - ElliotWave Elite Traders Secrets
Some More Finance eBooks (Prentice Hall)Spreadsheet Modeling In Corporate Finance DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54861654/_Prentice_20Hall_Spreadsheet_20Modeling_20In_20Corporate_20Finance.rar
Finance -- Accounting Financial Statements Analysis Whether you watch analysts on CNBC or read articles in the Wall Street Journal, you'll hear experts insisting on the importance of "doing your homework" before investing in a company. In other words, investors should dig deep into the company's financial statements and analyze everything from the auditor's report to the footnotes. But what does this advice really mean, and how does an investor follow it? DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54861655/Finance_20--_20Accounting_20Financial_20Statements_20Analysis.pdf
English Finance Management Project Strategic Handbook DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54861657/Handbook_for_small_business.pdf
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Consider the new manager who is asked to prepare a budget for his or her department. How do you begin your budget? Well, how about sales? Do you start with what you hope you can sell? What you’re sure you can sell? What you sold last year or last month? What will management believe? OK, if that’s too confusing, maybe you should start with expenses. What do you need to spend? What you spent last year or last month? What you hope you can get approval to spend? Do you actually know what it will really cost? Just knowing where to begin is a challenge. And then how do you decide how much money or staffing you’ll need to reach the goals you want to achieve or that your boss wants you to achieve? Whew! Why can’t Finance just do this for you? And the truth is, of course, they really can’t. Oh, sure, Finance can prepare something that looks like a budget and in many companies that’s what happens. But then it’s not really your budget; it’s theirs. And if you miss the target they set, well, it’s not really your problem, now, is it? Yet as managers we know that each department knows its unique needs and capabilities better than anyone else. And we know from Management 101 that a goal must be accepted—better yet, owned—by the people who actually will do the work, for there to be a strong commitment to achieving it. And that, simply put, is why each department within the organization must do its own budget and, therefore, why its managers must learn to budget effectively. And, yes, you will need to be able to answer, at some level, all the questions I’ve raised above. So get this book and become a successful manager DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/54863006/McGraw-Hill-Finance_for_Non-Financial_Managers.pdf

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